Sunday, April 25, 2010

ICT Shah Alam

Last 2 week, I and my friend kai, tracy, da jie and azmi had went to ICT at shah alam First beginning I do not know where is that place and what amazing about the place. So we go there by using tracy's car. When we arrived, I saw light along the road. That time I know what amaze the people to come. So below are some pic of it^^

I think this is Flamingo^^

We are inside the snow house but actually not cold. Just look as snow house.

We are under the tang lung tree

The couple is beside the penquin.. so flash^^

2 leng lui taking picture on the christmas dear..
Just hope that really hv santa clause^^

Inside a small castle !!

This is my favourite pic, snowmen^^

Is us....!!

serounding the golden tree.

great.....!! (kai, me, da jie, azmi)

This da jie keep ask me take pic of her. If not nice dun wan the pic
lucky, i gt the pic right^^

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